The Modern Practice of Reiki Improves Upon Ancient Ones in an Important Way

The world of alternative healing is one where claims of great age and timeless wisdom are common to find. It is true that many of the most popular alternative healing approaches do have roots that extend back for centuries. While this can be evidence of long-lasting value that has held up for so many years, it does not necessarily mean that approaches that lack such a pedigree are themselves without worth. One of the best examples of this is likely the relatively youthful technique of Reiki, a school of alternative medicine that sprang from twentieth century Japan.

For those looking into the question as to just what is energy healing therapy, it might not be surprising that Reiki has been so successful. Although it is understood as a distinct tradition of its own, Reiki draws on thousands of years' worth of conclusions about the invisible life force known as "qi." Expanding on and refining techniques developed by others, the founder of Reiki sought to produce an even more practical and effective way of influencing human health for the better.

Allen Baler

One way in which he did so was to systematize what had formerly been an arcane process of learning about how to recognize energy flows and manipulate them. Left to flounder with their preconceptions and limitations, students of qi who sought to become masters had often taken decades to do so. While becoming a capable practitioner of Reiki also takes plenty of time and effort, the way is greatly smoothed by the set steps and concrete milestones that need to be reached and passed by.

Someone who advances along this path will spend a great deal of time becoming acquainted with reiki master symbols and their meanings, as these are, in many ways, the foundation of the entire discipline. Like the Japanese characters that they resemble, these flowing, elegant symbols describe an aspect of reality, although it this case it is one that normally goes unseen. By having a set, definite series of symbols to work through as they advance, students of Reiki become much more likely to progress as they might hope. That is both to their benefit and to that of their patients, and also something that is unusual to find in many older traditions.